Machine picking up the bottles or the containers accumulated according to a pre-set configuration and introducing them into carton cases or plastic crates.

Single-column framework on which the head holding arm performs motorized movements to pick up the bottles and put them in the cases.

Gripping head suitable, with the accessories required, to handle:

  • two 12-bottle cartons at a time,
  • four 6-bottle cartons at a time.

The movement of the heads (backwards and forwards on the arm) is controlled through a special endless screw with variable pitch guaranteeing the case handling with progressive movements avoiding shocks. All movements happen on high-precision sliding parts. Product accumulation conveyor with low friction coefficient multiple parallel chains, equipped with adjustable rails. A carton centring device keeps the flaps open for the perfect introduction of the products into the cases without damaging the labels.

Model suitable for lines with capacities up to 30.000 bottles/hour.